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Image of Upcycled LANGKIT
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Upcycled LANGKIT

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LANGKIT is a traditional Maranao weave -handwoven by backstrap loom- in Marawi City, Mindanao in the Philippine Archipelago. LANGKIT are typically utilized by the Maranao people in sewing the decorative strips of fabric onto malongs (tube skirts) and ceremonial clothing.

We take ordinary clothes and upcycle them with the addition of the LANGKIT's colorful woven pattern. By wearing clothing with LANGKIT, you can help shine light on the beauty of the Maranao heritage craft of weaving and preserve the art itself, while representing just one of the many diverse cultures of the Philippines.

The LANGKIT woven patterns are sourced from social enterprise Maranao Collectibles, which provides job training and an opportunity to earn income for Maranao folks in Mindanao, Philippines who became displaced during the Marawi Siege, while helping to revive the declining art of weaving.

Image of Upcycled LANGKIT
Image of Upcycled LANGKIT